Self Defence Classes

Australia might be considered one of the safest countries in the world – but that isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its own share of criminal activity. Assaults seem to be increasing as the years go by and there’s never been a better time than right now to learn how to properly defend yourself says Stuart from Ultimate Personal Defence. “Fortunately there are plenty of martial arts schools, gyms and classes to take part in to maximise your ability to protect yourself and those that you love; should you find yourself in a dangerous scenario.”

Why take self defence classes?

The thing about self defence is that in hundreds of cases it has spelt the difference between life and death. Plenty of people find themselves walking into potentially life threatening situations and as the media will often report; the majority will fall victim. The difference that knowing how to defend yourself can make will often be all that it takes to survive a situation like this.

And that’s why it’s so important to learn how to properly defend yourself from an attack, or if you’d prefer – you could discover how best to disarm an individual and restrain them whilst waiting for help from the police. Although most people are capable of using parts of their body to protect themselves; not all will be able to do so naturally.

It’s this natural instinct that has kept the human race alive for as long as it has, but because we no longer have a need to defend ourselves from wild animals on a day to day basis, this instinct has been somewhat quelled over the centuries. But we now face a new threat – and it’s often in the form of other human attackers.

With terrorism, rape and assault being daily concerns, knowing how to defend oneself can genuinely spell the difference between becoming a victim and walking away from a dangerous situation unscathed. And this is exactly what self defence classes excel at teaching their students. You could pick a particular angle of defence, from Taekwondo right through to mixed martial arts, and then hone your skills.

And for those that aren’t athletically inclined there’s always the option to learn how to restrain an individual, or where to hit on their body to stop them from being able to continue with their own attack. Self defence classes have helped to save thousands of lives because of one reason and one reason alone – and that’s because an attacker will typically choose a seemingly weak target.

If you suddenly begin evading their onslaught, using their own weight against them, or overpowering their efforts; it won’t take long before they attempt to flee. But even if they don’t, after just a few classes you should find yourself feeling far more confident when it comes to restraining them whilst waiting for help.